Get Skinny FastI know you already heard lots of negative stories about fasting but for a few minutes keep all these negative fasting stories at one side.

When I start my research about fasting I was also in your boots. I heard lots of negative stories about fasting but when I conclude my research I found some astonishing health benefits of fasting.

Did you remember in 1990s when Mediterranean diet starts becoming popular? This is because there was a study that proved that the diet of Mediterranean region is superior to North American diet. Additionally the people of Crete are healthier than Americans and they get less heart disease. Experts concluded that the success of this diet is based on whole grain, vegetables and olive oil.

It seems all good because all these foods are considered as ‘healthy’ foods but group of researchers at University of Crete showed that previous researches on Mediterranean diet missed out one very crucial factor – that is fasting. Later on it is discovered that Greek Orthodox Christian Church contains up to 180 and 200 days of fasting in their traditional.

This led me to start my own research about fasting but I discovered short term (up to 1-3 days in week – never in a row) fasting not only helps in cutting down calories consumption that provides weight loss but it also helps in providing different health benefits.

Let’s take a look on how fasting can help you to get skinny fast:

Get Skinny By Burning Fat:

FastingShort term fasting is the perfect for burning fat and becoming skinny. Fasting metabolically improves hormone balance into your body and create perfect environment for fat burning. Fasting creates serious energy deficit in which body will has no choice than burning stored fat for energy.

According to research, individuals often lose 1.5 – 3 pounds every time they fast. It is important to note this is not all fat instead it is extra water storage that your body has stored due to increase level of insulin and it also contains mass of digestion food that is available in your liver and intestines. This also includes fat as well but burning fat from the body is slow and steady process. Depending on how much tall and fat you are, most diets only able to help you in losing 1 to 3 pounds per week but if you include fasting in your normal lifestyle you will get almost same results.

Additionally, it is also proved that individuals who fast to get skinny manage to get more weight loss in 10-week period as compare to people who are on strict calorie dieting for same period. On other hand, individuals who do fasting never regain their weight as compare to others who lost weight with low calories dieting.

Decrease Insulin Level:

Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for breaking sugar into fat and signals body to store fat into different region. When insulin level is high your body fat is going nowhere and you keep on gaining fat whenever you eat your meals.

decrease insulinThe problem is we often eat too much during the day that keeps insulin high in our body. Keep in mind, whenever insulin level is high in the body your fat will not going to burn and if you want to burn fat from your body then the only option is to reduce insulin level in your body. This is why diets like The Zone Diet or The South Diet was created.

The aim of these diets is to consume few short meals and low ‘glycemic index’ (a measure of foods effect on blood sugar) foods in order to keep insulin level in low ranges. The idea behind these diets sound ‘perfect’ but it is only helpful for people that are already having low level of insulin in their body. People with high insulin can’t able to get help from them because these diets can’t able to reduce insulin level in the body.

This is where fasting is different from these diets. With the help of fasting you can’t only able to maintain your insulin level but also able to reduce it. In the study on few individuals who did fasting for 72 hours, it is seen that plasma insulin levels dropped sharply reaching at the level which is half than the initial level and more shockingly 70% of these changes occur in 24 hours.

In simple words we can say that 24 hours of fasting is more helpful in reducing insulin levels as compare to low-glycemic index foods or few short frequent meals.

Increase Lipolysis:

Now you may be wondering what exactly Lipolysis is? For those who doesn’t know Lipolysis is the important process for fat burning in which fatty acids is released from fat cells and they stream into the blood flow where they goes into the muscles then they go through process called Beta Oxidation. This Beta Oxidation is the final process of fat burning in which fatty acids finally burn by body for energy.

In you want to learn how to increase Lipolysis process in your body then I would like to recommend you to read this Skinny Protocol review. In this program you will find step-by-step way on how to activate fat burning in your body.

Muscles are the biggest contributor for burning fat in the body. During resting it is your muscles that burn fat from your body. When you do fasting these muscles switch on and start oxidation of fatty acids from our body for energy. In simple words, we can say that during fasting our muscles become fat burning machine

It takes 24-hours for our brain to shift our body from fed state to fast state which increases Lipolysis and oxidation of fatty acids. Simply in fasting state, body takes break from fat storing and starts the process of burning fat which help us in getting skinny.


In the end I like to say Fasting is not as bad as this food industry trying to make you belief. With the help of fasting you can get skinny fast and able to get best shape of your life.
Here is the video that will help you in getting skinny fast: