Understanding Female mindset

Women are the most difficult of creations of GOD, that’s what many of the men are saying in the world right now. This is because they are different in every aspect. They are different in speaking, they are different in talking, they dress and interact in a different way and last but not the least is there emotional stability is way much different than from men.

get her backNow since women are way much different than from men, it is almost impossible to understand their nature. Only those individuals who are into this game for years can intercept and understand their feelings quickly, but for a new one in the field, it is almost much difficult.

The most important of all trait of a woman is her emotional instability and lack of correct perception. They are more feared and suppressed by sad news and incidents. They are not capable of overcoming them in short time. And that’s why they fall in trap of many of the men who are just trying to get advantage of their emotional feelings.

Even if the male partner is mature and good in a relationship, it is certainly possible that the lady may be the sole responsible for the breakage of the relationship.

No Contact Period

Now in a break up between partners of a couple, it is very important that you let the things go on for some days or weeks. Do not start looking for answers to How to Get Her Back immediately. You need to take rest for some time and give your mind relaxation. The relaxation it was indifferent to for the last many years.

So first of all break the contact feature and try to maintain a persuasive environment in your mind. Let it speak the things it had for some time now. Your mind was going through many of the procedures in the last few days, and now it wants rest. So give it something that it loves. Like watching television, playing video game etc. try to empty it of conflict thoughts.

You know it has been researched that your mind wants peace and it tries to overcome hurdles of daily life. But at a point when the hurdles become so oppressive that the peaceful part also starts losing its place, it is almost impossible to carry on daily routine. So just let it go through the recycling phase so that you can then think about How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back.

The Push-Pull Theory

Now though in the market there are many of the techniques which are considered as result oriented and decisive. But the most important technique for How to Get Her Back” is still the push and pull theory.

It is developed with the idea that you push your girlfriend to a point where she herself pulls you in the very same relationship she had for years. For this following are some of the points:

Go out and enjoy:

enjoy and have funThe first technique in this department is to enjoy your life and let her know that what you doing. For instance, go out to beach, playground or other good eating spots. You can manage a timely lady for this too. Or go out with your old friend. Take pictures of special places where you and your girlfriend loved to go in the past.

Now post them on Facebook, twitter and other networking sites which your girlfriend regularly uses. Use interesting captions like “at Miami beach with Love.Xd!”. This way you will get into her mind. She will ask herself that what you are up to these days. Either you are single or in a new relationship?

Make her ask questions from her own self instead of making only you ask How to Get Her Back?

Fake it:

Now the second technique is to fake your relationship. By this we mean you make use of your friend or a girl and dramatize that you are into a relationship with her. Try to take that woman of yours and come in front of your ex. If possible also make them both meet one another. Introduce her as a friend only.

She will obviously think about you two in a new relationship. So leave it to her and let her feel that very same pain you are dealing with for the last few days.

Social Site Flirting:

Another technique to do your task is to use the social media flirting. Social media contains thousands of women that are beautiful and attractive too. You need to make use of it. Get a woman in relationship for some time. Don’t take it too far since you would then obviously be playing with her feelings.

Then write on the internet a post describing that you are in a complicated relationship with that new woman. Also tag her. When your ex, sees that she will instantly look at her profile by opening it.

Now if the woman you choose is really good, your ex will immediately fall for the trap. She will curse herself about leaving you. This sense and feeling of being lost and loosing you is the ultimate tool of yours to achieve your goal.

Remove Memories of Her

removing ex girlfriend memoriesNow when you have invested your efforts in showing your ex about your relationship that is new and fake, make the related arrangements. By making arrangements, we mean that you lose every single memory of her.

This is important to understand. When you have tried to fake your new relationship, your ex will obviously try to find out about it. The first thing she will do is to check your mood and behavior. And that can only get better if you have got rid of all her memories.

So what you need to do is to write down any information of her on a paper and keep it aside in a cupboard or box. Remove any thing such as gift, photos and wallpaper etc of her.

By this way you are actually letting her go of your mind. Only this way you will be able to lure your girlfriend efforts of verifying that whether you are into a new relationship or not. But if on the other side, you are still thinking about How to Get Her Back? Then she will be quickly able to understand your technique. So don’t ruin your own efforts.

What If She Is Dating Someone?

As you are seeing things from your point of view, it’s time to think about another perspective. What if she on the other hand is dating someone? That’s true and can be realistic in the circumstances mentioned above. Like you, she also has the reason or may be having the technique to deal with the situation and see another man better than you.

This is important to understand. Now if she comes in front of you or by chance you run into the new couple at some grocery shop or canteen, you need to do the following.

  • Control your first response. Don’t be shocked by the upcoming new development.
  • Don’t be jealous.
  • Talk to her politely and meet his new friend with full zeal and zest.
  • Greet them with good words while meeting and then on leaving.

Your ex-girlfriend may be using the very same technique as you were doing, but if you followed the above mentioned points she will be shocked. And his new boyfriend may also become afraid of knowing about you two in a relationship previously.

Look Good:

Starting from the first class of nursery, you are being trained or asked about dressing well at every possible occasion. Similarly, you are being told by your parents to dress well while going outside or when the guests are coming in. But you didn’t pay any importance. Right?

updating yourselfRelationships are built on trust and carried with time on love, respect for the opponent personality. You wanted to look her good and bright everyday but you on the other hand don’t want to work out. You want her to wear tight pants and short dress but you on the other hand have untidy clothes. Then how can you possibly think of her letting this relationship grow and develop?

So in order to get in proper shape you need to do the following things.

Workout: Wherever you may go or whoever you talk to, the first of any advice one can give you to get back in shape is to start working out. Now this depends on your interest that what type of workout you like.

You may go for the gymnastics if you want. If you are more into lifting weight, then go to gym. Similarly, if you like to run and run long then start cardio exercises. You can find millions of advice on the internet when you are starting a workout routine. Just incorporate it in your daily routine.

The best of the time is early morning, when your energy levels are high. The air is fresh and every single muscle of yours respond to what you do. Just try to lean and get in proper shape. Destroy your belly fat in first place and then work on remaining body parts.

Get proper clothing’s: Now when you have started to get back in shape, it is time to select the clothes that best suited to your personality. Some of the guys wear very loose clothes that do not fit to their personality. And that’s why your body features do not come on surface. So try to wear tight clothes.

Trim your eyebrows. If you do shave regularly, do it properly. Do not let few hairs stay on your face. Shave it completely. If you are a beard guy which is mostly in fashion, then trim and make properly lining. Spend some money and go to saloon. They will do it for you.

The Meeting

Now since the work on your part is done, you are good in your look out. You are into your ex mind and you know that you are fully prepared, its time to setup the meeting. It can be done in many ways like sending a message through a common friend, sending her a message on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger asking her about her schedule on Saturday night.

get your ex girlfriend backIf you have worked perfectly accurately according to what we have told you, then she will respond positively. The reason is that she wants to see that better side of yours that was hiding for many years. She wants to see what she lacked that you found in new woman. She is eager and that where the point you want to strike the iron.

Upon meeting she will be surprise by your new look and dressing. But ignore her surprise and try to show her that its normal. Start with the order of food items that she likes and then slowly turn her attention towards daily routine and relationship status. If she tells you that she is not looking someone really, then you can move forward. If not then this is not the time to step in and you need to do more efforts as mentioned previously.

Now since she doesn’t have any of the relationship with man or woman, you can talk with her openly about starting back again. By this point it is sure that she wants to get back you. So she will reply positively. Remind her of those great past days that you spend on this particular location. Remind her of your wedding or relationship anniversary.

This is because those good memories have place in heart and everybody wants to recall them. So repeat them to her. And once she gets you and your point, lure her in sexual performance if you can.

Preventing A Break up In A Relationship

Now the first step that everyone should be introduced to is the efforts to stop the break up in first place. What you need to do is understand the chemistry of relationship. It is built upon trust and developed with sacrifice and love for each other.

living togetherIf your partner is aggressive and sharp in his approach, then you must be one giving the sacrifice. Do not expect it from her since the carrying on of relationship is in the interest of both. Similarly, if you are one who is aggressive and less persuasive in your approach, then your partner should be the one trying to fix the issue. Remember there is no one who is going to help you out. And only you two can possibly try to overcome the faults in situation.

Also remember that people mostly take advantage of such situations and try to create differences among partners. Do not let them succeed in their efforts. If by letting go of your ego and self-esteem, you can get the love to grow and develop with time, then let it do it.

Similarly, as mentioned before that ego is the most destructive of traits one can possess when it comes to relationship. You do not want to wash home clothes as you work in the morning and so do your wife. This doesn’t mean that you both need to fight. What you can do is to keep a house keeper for such activities and let her take charge of it. This is one way of dealing a situation where conflict can tear relationship apart. Similar process can be taken up in case of dealing with children if you have.

The Conclusion

“How to Get Her Back?” is one of the most commonly asked question when it comes to young guys who are into dating and stuff. They get in a relationship for time and then break up. Finally, when time passes on, then begin to realize that the previous relationship was best suited to their personality. So thus they start looking for ways of get ex-girlfriend back

Building or developing relationship and then getting it back is in the hands of the individual who was into it for time. If you are not capable of sacrifice and letting go of your ego, then it is almost impossible to get back in same previous state. However, if you are committed and determined than the world is wide open to you for answers. Either it is How to Get Her Back Or how to convince her love you again.