get him backA kind lady or dashy man may have a relationship for some time. Their relationship may be strong and blooming with every passing second. They may also be enjoying great sexual life that is intimidating too.

Then suddenly comes a point where there is a hurdle to pass for the individuals. It may be a test of their love or the nature of the relationship that may demand the sacrifice from the couple. But what if one of the individual is not really in mood to deal with the difficulty with cool mind? What if you are more than willing to follow on but the partner on the other hand is less energetic about it?

This is not unusual since the relationship of any kind experiences some clash of minds or ideas that is to be dealt with in long run. You may be an educated person or you may be having a lot of wealth, but you surely will face such events.

Intelligent couples do focus on their ability to deal with such situations then to abuse the partner for them. They do not fell prey to questions like How to Get Him Back? Or how to lure him back in relationship? Rather they focus on pre-matured relation that they had been following for the last many years. And that’s the point where success comes into action.

Step 1. Get Over The Sorrow Situation

Now these desperate times require desperate measures. That doesn’t mean that you need to carry on a hammer and strike it upon your lovers head. Or take his life by any way. But when we say about desperate measures, we mean to control your emotions.

We have seen people beating their own self and asking question why me? Is there any way to get him back? Remember that a relationship is developed in some time. And so is the case in breaking it out. You can have attained your worthy position in lover’s mind in many years, and then similar is the case when you are trying to get him back. So stay put.

We have seen people committing suicide or trying for one just when they get out of some relationship. But remember as you are now, it will require hard work, dedication and the most important of all patience. If you are not one of those people who got it, then this guide isn’t going to help you out.

Step Two: Thinking Part

It is said that you cannot learn until you stop talking. Similarly, you cannot learn until you stop worrying. Now once you have stopped worrying and thinking about your ex for some time, it is time you start thinking about the mutual relationship. You think about something that was good and this is how you can do it.

  • Think about the good times. Try to remember your wedding and the wedding anniversary. If you are married and have a child or two, then think about those good times spent along them. If you are single then those precious reserved moments in the form of photographs in your mobile can help you a lot. They were not meant to be seen any time else, rather this is the time to not only see the but also visualize the great past in mind.
  • Now once you have thought and got in mind the great times of yours, it is now time to think about the possible improvements in relationship. Just think what could have you done to stay better in this relationship. What could have you done avoid this day. Think about the possible improvements too.
  • Now the third stage is to take people on board. Those who are near to you and your relationship. Like close friends and companions. Have the space for the opinions in your mind and heart. Because some people learn by heart while the rest try to hear by mind.

Step Three: Anger Management

anger managementNow the third step after taking in the comments and the conclusions from your friends and companions is to start the anger management. This is one of the biggest enemy of any person. It is the worst enemy one hides within himself.

You may be a good looking girl or a young pretty woman, but if you are not having the anger management lessons in your mind, these things are of no use. So in order to control anger, the following are the few steps:

Be cool: The first lesson is to be cool and stay cool at all times. This comes with practice and not anyone can teach you. Many people say that it’s one of the genetic traits, but believe me, I have seen people getting over it by simply ignoring the hard facts of their past life.

Anger management with exercises: Not many people know that going to gym and following strict workout routine can possibly help them in anger management. Yes, that’s erectly right.

When you work out like lifting weights or doing cardio by running, what you actually do is to maintain your blood pressure by different body movements. Now when the blood pressure is maintained to natural level within the body, no excessive pumping to brain and heart will take place. As a result, your blood pressure will remain in control and so is the case with anger issues.

Anger management classes: The last of the steps that you can do is to take the anger management classes. This is followed by some of the people and they do get results. But the point is that you have to control your own self and nobody else can do it for you. So work hard on tis terrain of yours and you will see results.

Step 4: Initiate The Contact

Now once the emotional status of yours is depleted, you are no longer subjected to the anger issues, it is now the time to really answer How to Get Him Back. Here we apply the push and pull theory of a relationship.

This theory is basically designed on pushing yourself in such a way that your partner automatically pulls you in. Or in simple words, you work by mind and technique to make sure that your partner himself calls you for the re-emerging of relationship. Here we are going to tell you how.

call your exPractice flirting: The first step that you need to do is to get in flirting world. This is important. Because in order to stop your ex, get into the hands of another woman, the only thing that you can use is flirting him. There are literally thousands of e-books online as well as in hard form available in market to understand the basic concepts of flirting and love affairs. So buy one of them and learn the basics. Use them on your ex-boyfriend by the use of social networking websites and messaging service.

Start exercise: And start it now. If you are one of those ladies who were fit but then daily tough routine started making you bulk, it is the right time for you to start the exercise. Since it may be the sole reason of your break up.

Exercise do not only give you good physique but also makes you healthy and fit. And as mentioned earlier it is a way of overcoming your temper issues. So never miss it if you get a chance. One way is to make it the permanent part of your life. Just think of it as the permanent part of your life like eating and going for job every day.

Rebuilding the social network: Now when you lost your relationship, you obviously were emotional because of mental and physical attachment with your ex. For small period of time, you probably would have lost your mind and focus. And that may have too damaged your social life.

Now it is time to start it again. Because if your boyfriend is enjoying every second without you, and you on other hand have kept your focus on crying only, surely it will be the image of you being more depressant then him.

What you need to do is to go out and meet with old friends. Pay special attention to those who were in constant touch with you and your ex. Because this is inturn alternative way of sending message to your boyfriend that you are alive and enjoying every second of your life without him. Take pictures of those special occasions and upload them on social networking sites. Use good captions like “Enjoying to the last second in Budapest” with smiley at the end.

One of the trick you may use is to take help from some stranger. Ask him that you are looking to show your boyfriend this pic of yours. So please let’s do it in style. Nobody will be offended. Then again upload it on Facebook and twitter. Wait for the response of the public. If it is seen or liked by your ex, then you have done your job tremendously.

Step 5: Trap The Fish

Now when the trap has been set and you are perfectly in control of it, it’s time to lure the fish in. You have used social networking sites to create an image of yours as happy and enjoying life to fullest. Obviously now your ex will be thinking more about you then in past. This feeling of eagerness developed within him is actually a trap and will help you out once you contact him.

get ex boyfriend backNow send a message. Ask him what he is doing and what are his plans. Initiate the flirting sequence you have learnt in books and guides. Try to lure him. This may take weeks or month at most. Do not let the net expand once the hook is within his mouth.

Just as you get a sign that he is more than willing to meet you, send him a message saying “Hey! What are you doing on Saturday?”. Surely his response will be positive. If still he is not ready to comply, then you can stay back a little but continue to pursue your efforts in the same particular fashion.

Arrange the meeting at your favorite spot. The place you both love and endure. The very same place that have some memories attached like the first meeting place or first anniversary celebration place. Because that same particular environment will help you get over his nerves once you see him.

Step 6: The Meeting

You have worked hard till this point. You have improved you appearance. You have developed your personality by controlling over your anger. You have worked hard enough to kick your own Ass in gym. Your mental stability is now up to the mark. Now is the time to strike hard and that too when the iron is hot.

At the time and day of meeting just make it sure that you are prepared up to your best. Wear your ex favorite clothes. Use the perfume of his choice. Carry the hand bag of his favorite color. You can try to spend some extra bucks and get prepared from saloon. Because tonight is the night when you are going to have your love of life back into your world. And stand as an open example in front of world.

win your ex boyfriendRemember to revise your flirting lessons. Now upon meeting there are some of the points you must keep in mind.

Do not talk rubbish: By rubbish we certainly mean about his love life after leaving you. He may be seeing some woman. But today is your time and date. You came here to make him realize that you were the most precious of things he ever possessed. Not to make him feel guilty of his after relationship life. So be careful.

If he arrives with a woman: Now this may be a tricky situation. See if he is old in dating and relationship he may know your secrets and next steps. So in order to use the reverse psychology, he may use another woman to check your reaction.

So he if show up with a woman, just remember to stay calm. Do not be shackled although it will be really awkward situation for you. He is just trying to check you out and if you pass the test, the world will be yours. Meet the woman with love and respect. Try to engage with her in talks. And do not let her know what you are present for here.

Talking about the break up: Now if he is alone and not really coming up with another woman, engage him talks. Talk about the topic you two really loved to talk about like football, arts of science etc. Just keep him engaged till the point he starts imagining that how much he has lost after losing you.

And once you see that the man is now with in your trap, start talking about getting re-united. Start with “have you seen, how much we two have in common?”. Make him realize that you are here for the actual game. By this point he will have definitely understood that the point of you meet her, is to be with him forever again but not for just one meeting.


How to Get Him Back is perhaps the question, ringing with in the minds of several thousand separated women. Many of the ladies just criticize themselves for leaving the relationship. Some just leave it up to GOD that if it is in their better interest, than make us meet soon.

But the real fact is that GOD helps those who help themselves. You can live on like that but ultimately one day you will feel that you could have done something for the broken relationship. You could have tried hard enough to get it right on track. But your laziness or continuous stream of daily routine made it seem hard. So perhaps it’s time to think of the ways mentioned above and start working. Otherwise one day, you will be old and still be thinking about How to Get Him Back.