how to get an ex backGetting in a relationship and then getting it destroyed is both in the hands of the partners. Similarly getting back the good relationship in original shape is also in the hands of both individuals. We have literary seen millions of people trying hard to win ex back again.

They get trapped by various so called dating experts who try to make use of their situation. They try to get involved in their lives and then make out the money. But there are only a few of handful guides on this terrain that can allow you to fully understand the basics and let go off your fears. This is because getting ex back is not very difficult. And we all know that he basic concept of retaining a relationship to work in long run is sacrifice.

So the guide points we are going to give to you are purely based upon sacrifice and understanding the overcoming of ego so that such issues do not arise in future.

Emotional Stability For How to Get My Ex Back

Getting Complete Control

The first step in those difficult times is to get control over your own self. We know that you are exhausted by your emptiness of mind and your body is not responding to your feelings. You want to get away or in severe circumstances we have seen people commit suicide. This is not the way to deal with the present situation.

You are doing more harm to yourself than anybody else can do. Thus it is important that you do the following:

yogaDo YOGA: The first step to do is to do some kind of yoga exercises. Yoga from prehistoric times have helped men and women get control over there nerves. It helps in relaxing your body. It helps in flooding more blood to your brain. It helps in letting you maintain the blood pressure throughout the day.

And since it is done in open environment, it is helpful in increasing the fresh airflow to your brain. That is very important to release the toxins and anti-agents to get cleared from body. And by doing this, you are actually getting back that control over mind, that you had been lacking for the last many days.

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Go hiking: Now the second important point to do is to go on hike. This can help you not only exercise but can help you increase the blood flow to almost all the parts of body. Your legs will push the blood all round from the lower section too higher up in the body and then revolving from there it reaches finally to your brain. That fresh breeze of air and surrounding natural environment with water splashing from mountains can help you get control of your body and mind.

Remember if you keep on asking yourself How to Get My Ex Back? Without doing anything for the purpose, it’s you who is doing no good to your own self. So move your ass right now and get over those hard feelings of yours.

Ask Yourself -What was the reason?

Now the second and the most comprehensive part of the plan is to ponder upon the question that what actually led to the present situation? Is it the behavior you were having with your ex for the last few months? Is it the extra work burden? Was your ego way higher than your relationship can actually withstand? Here we enlist some of the major factors that could have led to the present situation.

Ego: The worst of all and the most widely source of agitation and conflict is the ego. Suppose you are an executive member of engineer council while your wife or girlfriend is on the other hand the vice president of a bank, there is no equivalence. This may lead to the situation where you both would start talking about each other’s profession and finally there comes a point where the ego is raised to the highest level. That level, from where there is no coming back. And the result is breaking of years of relationship.

Family time: Now if you two have kids then the issue may rise on the parenting of children. Your wife may be too busy to take out extra time for your babies. You on the other hand may be too hard on thinking that it is not the work of father to look after the children.

Just in the latest of cases, you may have heard of the separation between the most famous couple of the world, Brad pit and Angelina Jolie. The cause of the separation as represented by the newspapers and the media agencies was the carelessness on the part of Brad on the account of children. The situation led to the separation of the most widely celebrated couple around the world. And the point to notice is that they both are also looking for How to Get My Ex Back?

breakupFinancial issues: The third and the most important source of separation these days is the financial issues. You two are living together and fulfilling the daily expenditures collectively. But one of you resigns or is kicked out. Now the expenditures are way more than the earnings. Slowly and gradually you two will start fight on the issue of expenditures.

And then there came the separation point. Remember that the financial issues should be the last of reasons one may find to get out of a relationship. But in the present circumstance where there are less jobs and more graduates in the markets, finding jobs is difficult.

Getting attracted to: One of the least possible cases of separation is the attachment to another individual that your partner cannot withstand. For example, if your ex-girlfriend was afraid of you getting into hands of Amber, while you on the other hand was in constant touch with her, then the results could be in form of separation. And you would be left asking How to Get My Ex Back.

You Want Your Ex Back or Not?

Now since you have got into the details of the separation and the reasons, it is now time to decide what’s best for your personal interest. You decide that whether you want your girl/boyfriend back or not. Is it the time to give him a second chance? Is it the time to give your own self second chance by letting that same old relation grow? This can be done in the following ways:

Remember old good times: Think about your previous spent time with your ex. Was it good? Did you have pleasure spending those beautiful sensual nights with your ex? Was your ex up to your demands and expectations.

Just think about your wedding anniversary or meeting anniversary? Is that still crystal clear in your mind? If that’s so, then you are probably missing those good old times and want to have them back.

getting my ex backThink about your children if you have: Now the second point is to think of your children. This is very important point to consider if you are living in Asian countries or region. Because they have the family culture still developing among themselves with time.

Also in Europe there is a high percentage of women who are taking care of their children alone. When asked they share their pain and misery and ask for ways to ex back. But since then the time lapse have increased so much that it is almost impossible to sustain in that same particular relation.

But if you have some baby and your ex is away from you for some time. Then it is the need of hour to get back together since only the combo of parents can make sure that the babies reach out their perfect destination.

Still the decision is yours to make and no one can enforce you to do something about it. If you think that the capacity of taking care of your children resides within you, then you can go on alone. Otherwise it is in the best interest of children to get back in relationship. And we have seen people successfully do that.

Think about living single: what else you can do, is to think about living single for life. No one can actually survive like that. Just see the number of older people living singly in later stages of life, rise to the highest level in Europe. In Switzerland, where wealthiest people in the world reside and everyone is economically self-sufficient, people commit suicide on daily basis.

This is only because of the sense of being alone that is spreading and developing with time. SO people commit suicide. If you want to clear off those chances, it is time you think about getting back with your ex.

Exact Method To Get Ex Back

Now since you have decided in the best interest of your family to get your ex back, it is time you do the real efforts. There are many of the ways of confronting and attaching strings with your ex again, but here we will enlist some of the best that you will find easy to work upon.

Direct Method

win her backFace to face: The first of the methods that we have in list is face to face contact. Though it is less convenient and people find it hard to work upon, but one gives it a try if he feels that he has the courage. You can contact your ex by Facebook, twitter of messaging service and ask him to see you somewhere special to you both.

Upon meeting just tell him how you live and what you have in mind regarding getting close to each other again. If his answer is positive, you can go forward. If not, then you need to use the indirect methods.

Sending message: The second technique in direct conversation methods is to involve someone who is near to both of you. Like in Asian culture, elders take on the responsibility to solve family issues. Likewise, you can take help from your ex elder whom he or she pays respect.

Talk to him and tell him about the broken relation. Tell him further that you want your ex to hang out with you again and give your family and relation another chance to grow. If agreed, the middleman will forward your message to your ex and a meeting can be set.

Upon meeting again do exactly the same as mentioned in first technique. If response is positive, you can go on and live happily after. If not, follow on and use the indirect procedures.

Indirect Method:

Now since you have failed in convincing your ex to get you back where you belong, it is time you take some hard measures. It will demand self-constrained and effort from your side, but will ultimately take you to your ex.

Find new one: Now the first technique is to get cover of another dating individual. If you are a man, find another woman who is as beautiful and gorgeous like your ex. Now take her to different beautiful spots like beach, restaurants or dance clubs. Take selfies and pictures of every single act you do like dance, swim or lay along the sand side.

Now post them on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Also tag this new woman. Now, whenever your ex finds those posts on Facebook, she will think of you getting involved in new relationship. Her eagerness will evolve and she will slowly begin to inquire from people about your relationship status. Obviously that natural sense of jealousy will evolve. And this is what you want.

Make her think: Now the second of the ways you can think or work on is to develop your personality and enjoy your life. Take some leave from your office or workstation and go out to enjoy your life. Visit those places that you always wanted to.

Similarly start working out on your personality development. This includes both speaking, standing, walking and also the body structure. Join a gym if you have to. Go out for cardio every day. Lean yourself and place pictures of fitness ideal in your room. See every feature of their body like abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and rest of all.

Now try to work hard in order to get that same particular shape. Because it has been said in a latest research that the women are mostly attracted to men who are in at least good shape. While the men who are having bulky belly with unbalanced body structure are less subjected to be noticed by the ladies.

Similarly, you can incorporate gymnastic for further lean body along with the extra cardio routine. When she will notice your body and physique, she will think that you are actually now enjoying your life. There isn’t any special issue after losing her. She will then fall prey to your trap and will also start looking for answer to How to Get My Ex Back?

Bottom line

The bottom line is that you need to work hard on How to Get My Ex Back. This is not a one-day process. This is also not about losing everything in your life and working only for the love. It is about understanding the basics of a relationship that are built upon sacrifice and respect.

The key to a happy and successful relationship is to lose your own self in order to get adapted to your partner’s life. You lose something to gain something and same is the case in a relationship.

Moreover, we came to know that the ego and proudness are one of the most common source of separation within the partners. You may be the vice president of a bank or you may be working at a high post earning several thousand dollars a month. But when it comes to family and home, you are just a commoner working hard to keep relations in place.

Similarly, if it takes you to lose something in order to make the relationship successful, then do it. Do not care about money, enjoyment. Because the real enjoyment is residing within a relationship that lasts with you till the last breath. So don’t pay heed to people shouting for singular life. They are just enjoying a specific timeline enjoyment that is not going to last forever.