Hello everyone, before anything else I would like to ask you a very simple question:

Do you ever feel why some people gain fat very quickly as compare to others?

Skinny FitI am sure you really do. Some people think Obesity is in genes and no matter how much they exercise they will end up getting FAT. But the truth is, there is bacteria that make body to store fat in different regions of the body. For that reason, it is important for you to understand more about this bacteria and try to remove it from your body.

Thankfully, Garrett Branch recently released a program called “Skinny Protocol” in which you will get complete understanding about this bacteria and find out how to remove them so you can eat whatever you want without gaining fat. This unique weight loss program is gaining popularity rapidly and it is possible you already heard the name of this program but having doubts about it.

I created this website to share my opinion about Skinny Protocol that I got by browsing different websites, conducting interviews with the people who already utilized this program and also by reading this program. I hope your all doubts will disappear after reading this review.

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Before talking about this program, let’s take a look about its author Garrett Branch:

About Garrett Branch:

Garrett Branch is 57 years old and living near Clearwater, Florida. Before 3 years he was suffering from different types of life-threatening diseases such as Obesity and Diabetes. This is due to his poor lifestyle habits.

He invested lots of his time and money on mainstream diets and workout programs but nothing worked for him. He was once declared as ‘Medically Dead’ by the team of doctors during his Lap Band Surgery.

After getting frustrated from his weight problems, he stumbled across a research by Cornell University that showed him how fat-depositing bacteria making his body to store fat into different parts of the body. After finding about this research, he started searching about natural foods that eliminate these fat-depositing bacteria in the body. After excessive research and lots of trial and errors, he discovered list of seven foods that helped him to remove unwanted fat from his body and efficiently improve his life.

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What is Skinny Protocol?

Skinny ProtocolIt is unique and innovative skinny program created by Garrett Branch for all those men and women who are looking for safe, natural and easy way to lose some extra pounds from their body. Garrett Branch provides ways and methods that are scientifically proven and help you get rid of fat-depositing bacteria and become healthier in few weeks.

Skinny Protocol is not a strict diet or an extreme workout program. Instead, it is base on research done by Cornell University in 2009. In this research it is shown that there are two types of bacteria that are fat-depositing and fat-destroying. This research further revealed that skinny people able to maintain their weight even eating high calories diet due to microbe called Christensenellaceae. Christensenellaceae lives in human intestine that helps people in dissolving ‘bad’ fat, calories and cholesterol from the foods they consume.

In this program Garrett provides you access to the home tests that will able you to monitor your progress. You don’t need any strict diet or extreme workout or expensive supplement to follow the method Garrett explained in this program. This is very easy-to-follow steps in which you will get list of foods you have to include in your diet. Once the amount of fat-destroying bacteria will start increasing, your metabolism will start working with more efficiency and your body starts melting fat. As a result, you will become healthier than ever before.


Highlighted Features:

Here are some highlighted features you will get when you will access to Skinny Protocol:

  • List of 7 foods that will reduce fat-depositing bacteria in your body
  • Another group of foods that will fix destroyed cells and trigger the formation of free-radicals-destroying microorganism
  • Understanding about how your body starts depositing fat and how it can convert into fat-burning body
  • List of 2 natural supplement that will speed up your progress for eliminating fat destroying bacteria
  • ’10 Days Rapid Plan’ that will provide you list of foods you can include in your diet to reduce fat depositing bacteria

Additionally, Garrett Branch also created video presentation that will reveal many more features of this program. Watch this video below:



Scientifically-Based Program:

This program focuses on increasing microbe called Christensenellaceae but is it scientifically proven? I first asked this question from myself. After browsing few websites I found Cornell University’s research about Christensenellaceae. This research clearly showed that people with higher number of Christensenellaceae bacteria are tended to be leaner. You can discover complete research at this link.

After reading the research article on Cornell University site I can now confidently say that Skinny Protocol is scientifically proven program.

Completely Natural and Secure:

The foods that Garrett mentioned in this program are complete natural and they are easily available in any grocery store. There are around 100K people who already utilize this program and none of them report any side-effect. So it is clear that this program is natural and secure as well.

Completely Customizable:

You don’t have to make dramatic changes in your lifestyle to follow these instructions. Garrett provides you list of tips that help you to customize Skinny Protocol according to your lifestyle. You will lose weight even you continue eating your favorite (or unhealthy) food.

Includes 60-Days Guarantee:

This program is listed at Clickbank marketplace. If you don’t know then every product that is listed in Clickbank marketplace is protected by 60-days money back guarantee. If you don’t enjoy the results within 60-days then you can visit clkbank.com and send refund request.


Some Foods May Not Available:

The seven foods that Garrett Branch listed in Skinny Protocol may be hard to find in your nearby store. I easily find 5 foods in this list but for other two I have to order them online. So in case if nearby grocery store doesn’t have all these seven foods then make sure you can order these foods online.

Results Take Time:

This is not a miracle cure, so you have to follow these steps patiently to get results in the end. If you left it in the mid-way then you will not get any result from this program.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for safe, natural and effective program to lose unwanted pounds from your body then Garrett Branch’s Skinny Protocol is the best solution for you. It does contain all tools that you will need to transform your body into fat-burning mode by increasing fat-destroying bacteria in your body. Don’t forget you have 60-days money back guarantee to test this program without any risk. Now, if this doesn’t make you happy then what will?

Grab this golden opportunity and become healthier than ever!!

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