fat burningThe main aim of the fitness and the workout field is to reduce the carbs and the fat intake and maintain the overall posture of the body by increasing the protein intake. By maintaining the overall posture, we mean that the flat tummy along with the suitable body size is maintained in all muscles.

It is important to understand that the maintaining of the overall posture and the fat free body is only obtained when the workout is combined with the proper diet plan. Body building or aesthetics building without the good diet and supplementation will take you nowhere.

Now in order to maintain a good diet plan, many of the people in the profession of the diet planning come out with different packages. The issue is that, one needs to follow a specific program and then wait for the results to come out. Only then he may be able to know what is good for his body and mind. But what if we tell you the best of all? Yes, it’s The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki.

What is Actually The Half Day Diet Plan?

half day diet ebookThe Half Day Diet is a diet plan that has been introduced in the market with the purpose of treating the obesity and the fat accumulation. It is based upon the fact that one eats good and customized food items and maintains no eating habit for the rest of the day.

It may be surprise for some of the people to not eat for the rest of the day but it works. It has been proved and experimentally verified by the author of the program, who has been into fitness industry for quite a sometime.

Inside the program you will find the important methodology and tactics to deal with the unusual situation of obesity and fat accumulation. The perfect combination of the food items and the grocery has been developed with the sole purpose of maintaining a perfect carb plus protein ratio. This is essential to be maintained in our normal diet but since the diet we take in has either carb or fat in rich amount, this isn’t possible to maintain the perfect balance. That is why this plan has been designed to deal with this difficult situation.

Three Pillars of The Half Day Diet System:

This program in divided into three parts or we can say three pillars.

Macro-optimization stage: The first stage is the provision of three main nutrients to the body and those are the fat, protein and the carbs. Body is tweaked for getting in the main 3 nutrients and the get in the game for the further processing.

Customization: This stage allows you to develop and change your principles of life according to your needs and lifestyle. This is important because when you start workout and diet plan, it is difficult if you are high on carbs and fats. And just switching on to balanced diet is almost impossible if you are onto them for a very long time. But the life changing principles are to be made and followed in this regard according to your profession and lifestyle. This is the second stage of The Half Day Diet PDF.

Evolution: The last but not the least is the evolution. This stage contains the weight loss section. After once the diet is formed and the individual is ready to go on for long, this is the point where the weight starts decreasing.


The restaurant food guide: This part dictates that the leaving of the restaurant food is not the solution to your problem. But changing your eating habits is the main concern. So you do not lose the body fat by not eating the restaurant food.

The happy hour: The happy hour or cheat hour is when you can enjoy the wine or any other drink while following the program.

Vegetarian diet plan: Maintain the diet plan heavy on being vegetarian and make it sure that the optimum protein intake is maintained.

Holiday fat loss panel: This part shows you that what you need to do in order to survive the holidays and also maintain the very same healthy lifestyle you have been doing for the past few months or days.

Nate Miyaki – The Author of The Program

nate miyaki photoNate Miyaki is the author of the program who is well known nutritionist and training expert.

After our own research, we discovered that the author is working in the fitness field for the last couple of years and he came across this way to treat the obesity and fat.

It is also being mentioned that the response of the individuals who followed this program, was great and almost got 5/5 rating. So, it is good to say that the author name might not be of much importance to you. Since the results are seen as positive from the most of the reviews.

We also discover Nate Miyaki is very much active in social media. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube by clicking the following links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NateMiyaki

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/NateMiyaki/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/natemiyaki

Pros and Cons:

The good points are as followed:

  • The program is structured and has a pattern to follow unlike some unstructured programs.
  • The diet plan includes the protein part and the vegetables play an important role in fulfilling the need of the protein.
  • There are as such no comments in negative of the program.
  • The price is good and falls within the range of the buyers.
  • Easy to read and comprehend.

To achieve all these benefits all you need to do is little changes in lifestyle like the food intake.


Final Verdict – Is It Worth The Try?

The Half Day Diet system is good and designed for every age group. Moreover, it is simple and easy to comprehend. So there is no issue in that.

The author Nate is very popular on social media sites as he has over 7000 followers in twitter and more importantly his latest weight loss program ‘The Half Day Diet’ is getting good rating from almost every part of the world. So if one is committed and ready to do a sacrifice of time and effort, it is right choice for him.