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I am the writer, medical researcher, mom and developer of well-known fitness and health blog with over 250,000 visitors every day. Few days back I created post related to natural programs for weight loss and in which I talk briefly about The Salvation Diet. Since then, my friends and visitors asking for detailed analysis about this program.

So, I bought, tried and analyzed myself to provide you each and every fact related to this weight loss program. In this review I am going to reveal everything regardless if it is good or bad, pretty or ugly just to help you in making informed decision if this program is for you or not.

FYI: There are countless reviews available on internet about The Salvation Diet but the main problem is most reviews don’t contain actual facts that make their readers confuse. So if you are looking for unbiased, honest and revealing review you have come to the right place. Just sit back and start reading my review.

Before starting my review I would like to tell you in the last paragraph of this review I have posted few valuable resources for weight loss and in case if you are not ready to spend money then you can take some help from these resources…

Let’s start the review…

Product Info:

The Salvation DietCreated by Chris Walker, The Salvation Diet is the new and unique way to lose weight because this diet isn’t based on ‘scientific’ research instead this diet book in based on foods and drinks that God and his son Jesus revealed in Bible. This is Biblically inspired weight loss program in which you will get weight loss instructions that are mentioned in Bible.

Chris Walker will show you how you can use Bible teachings to get lean body that you always desire. Since it is Biblically inspired weight loss program you don’t need to purchase any other ‘miracle’ pill or supplement while following this plan.

This weight loss program is simple and easy-to-follow that will transform your mind, body and soul in very little time so you can served your Lord and enjoy lean and healthy body.

This weight loss program is especially designed for Christians who are true believer of Lord Jesus Christ. If you are not the true believer of Lord Jesus Christ then you may use this weight loss plan but you will find many instructions and guidelines controversial.

How Does It Work?

In this weight loss plan, Chris Walker will provide you step-by-step guidelines on how to lose weight and increase happiness in the same time. However, beside these weight loss guidelines you will also get number of different techniques that will help you in increasing your life, improve sleeping, feel lighter, look younger and control your hunger and sugar cravings.

Here are few techniques that you are going to learn inside this program…

The Root Vegetable of Happiness – In this technique Chris Walker will show you only one vegetable that is powerful enough to increase Serotonin (happy chemical) production. This simple and only one vegetable at night before bed is capable to fill your mind with joy and prevent depression without any pill.

Craving Communication Method – Most cakes, cookies, flavored yogurt, soda, juice, granola bars, pizza etc containing secret chemical that make us addictive to them and make difficult for us to avoid them. But with the help of Craving Communication Method you will learn how to stop yourself from these harmful foods.

Sleep Pollution – Is it difficult for you to sleep in night? Are you suffering from insomnia? This Sleep Pollution will show you how you can improve your sleeping by eliminating just one thing from your bedroom… I guess you got the idea… This technique will improve your sleeping and kick-start your metabolism so you will burn fat and remain energetic throughout the day.

Pew Potato – This is simple workout trick that will show you how you can burn fat with just 20 minutes a day workout for 3 days a week. Additionally, in this technique you will also discover Jesus’ own favorite exercise that will reduce early death chances by 30%.

Balanced Breakfast Lie – In this technique you will find why you feel tired after eating breakfast. Chris Walker also revealed one simple ingredient that will make you feel lighter throughout the day.

These are just few powerful techniques that you will find in this program. I can’t reveal any more technique for copyright reasons and if you want to find more of them you can watch free video below that is created Chris Walker.


Bonus #1 – Sabbath Sleep Hacks:

Sabbath Sleep Hacks will show you how you can improve your sleeping in night and how you can give yourself ‘spirit naps’ anytime in the day to fill your body with energy and live better life. Additionally, this bonus guide will show you how you can sleep few hours and wake up with full of energy.

Bonus #2 – The Secret of Living Water:

Water is very much important for our health and do you know God has mentioned the word ‘water’ 722 times in Bible? It is really sad that 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration that leads to headaches, anger, kidney disease, high blood pressure and many other life-threading diseases.

Bonus #3 – Food Forgiveness Journal:

This bonus is design to track what you have eaten throughout the day because keeping track of your foods will keep you far away from processed and unhealthy food. By following this routine you will feel amazingly energetic whole day even after full time job.

Bonus #4 – Let Jesus Take Grocery Cart

This is the simple and powerful grocery guide that will show you how you can purchase grocery that God intended for us and this will stop you from adding unhealthy foods in your shopping cart.

The Salvation Diet video

Where To Buy The Salvation Diet?

Official Website:

Christ Walker created official website from where you can purchase it directly via Clickbank which is the payment processor just like Paypal and other payment processors.

Ebay or Amazon Store:

This is newly launched weight loss diet and currently it is NOT listed in Amazon or Ebay store

Local Book Store:

Since Chris Walker released this weight loss program digitally only that is why I don’t think you will find it in any local book store.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Chris WalkerChris Walker is not a scientist or a medical doctor. He is not a fitness trainer or a nutritionist with shiny degree. He is just a normal 42 years man who has firm belief on Jesus Christ and since last three years he helped men and women to escape from the curse of Obesity with the foods mentioned in the Holy Bible.

He has complete trust on Holy Bible and his work and for this reason he is offering 365-days money back guarantee with The Salvation Diet. He just want each and every Christian American to test this program at least once and if they don’t find it effective they can return it within 365-days and get full money back. Now, if this doesn’t make you happy then what will?

Is The Salvation Diet Scam?

This is fully legitimate product because it shows you foods and way of life that God intended for you. Before the outburst of sugary foods, there were very few cases of high blood pressure, heart diseases, cancers and other life-threading diseases. This proved that if we follow the diet plan that God created for us that we can live healthy and serve other people in much better way.

Don’t waste time and quickly get access to Chris Walker’s Weight Loss Program to Change Your Life In Positive Way!!


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