Does Laser Hair Growth Work? Let’s Talk & Find Out The Truth

 Most people lose about 100 hair from the scalp daily. However, while most people grow their lost hair, others don’t. This could be due to heredity, age, poor nutrition, hormonal changes, and a lot more. Different medical treatments and procedures like hair transplant, medications, and laser therapy have been invented to take care of this. But unlike others, does laser hair growth work? 

What is laser hair growth? 

The laser hair growth or laser therapy is a clinically proven and non-invasive treatment used to stimulate the hair follicles to regrow lost hair. Also referred to as red light therapy, the procedure involves using low-level medical-grade laser light on the scalp. Like watering plants, the procedure supplies essential energy that the hair follicles need to grow. 

The light irradiates protons into your tissue so that weaker cells can conveniently absorb them to make them stronger. As a result, the cells are nursed back to functionality, and by implication, capable of growing hair. The procedure increases blood flow to your scalp as the light is absorbed. 

Hence, it increases microcirculation and distributes abundant nutrient and blood supply to the follicles. It also stimulates the follicles' cellular activities to reduce hair loss and help with growing new ones. 

Does it work with benefits?  

Laser growth works for pattern baldness and alopecia in men and women. It is also ideal for treating frontal pattern hair loss and androgenetic. Hence, there is no restriction on who can use the procedure. Besides, it is a non-invasive method that is not painful. 

Laser hair growth stimulates hair regrowth to reduce further hair loss. It also increases hair density and fullness. Plus, it works for all hair lengths and does not have common side effects. A study conducted in 2014 concluded that laser hair growth does work; hence, it is effective and safe for hair regrowth. This thus answers the question of does hair laser growth work? 

What else should I know? 

As with all treatments, there are a few drawbacks to laser treatment. For all good reasons, the procedure is time-consuming. In some cases, you might wait for about six months before you see results. Hence, consistency is emphasized with laser treatment. You should note, though, that the result varies from one person to another. 

The treatment is also most effective when using it at the early stages of hair loss. Plus, people with Androgenetic alopecia or other hereditary conditions might not find the process effective as people without such conditions. Since the treatment relies on certain cells' presence, people with no hair may not benefit from the process.  

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Lastly, the process tends to interact with certain medications; hence, candidates on such medications are advised not to use it. For example, clients that are taking photosensitizing medications cannot adopt the procedure. 

So, does laser hair growth work? 

Laser hair growth treatment works and is an ideal solution for reversing hair loss. Although it takes considerable time, it helps the regrowth of thicker and fuller hair.



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